FAQs | P2Peers

FAQs | P2Peers

P2Peers.com is a peer-to-peer (P2P) platform that lets users exchange Indian Rupees (INR) and United States Dollars (USD) using UPI and bank transfers. The platform puts buyers and sellers in touch with each other directly, so there is no need for middlemen like banks or payment processors.

To use P2Peers.com, you'll need to make an account and go through the verification process. Once you've set up your account, you can look through the offers to buy or sell INR or USD and choose the one that works best for you. You'll be able to talk to the other person about the details of the trade, like the amount and how to pay, through the platform's chat feature.

Once you've agreed on the terms, the buyer will send the money to the seller's UPI or bank account, and the seller will send the INR or USD to the buyer. P2Peers.com acts as an escrow service and holds the money until both parties agree that the transaction went well.

P2Peers.com takes a number of steps to make sure that its users are safe and secure. Before a user can buy or sell on the platform, they have to go through a verification process. The platform also keeps an eye out for suspicious or fraudulent activity during trades. The site also protects users' personal and financial information by using advanced encryption and security protocols.

But it's important to remember that P2P trading always comes with some risk, and users should take steps to protect themselves, like only trading with people they know and trust and doing trades in a public place.

P2Peers.com lets people trade INR and USD using UPI and bank transfers. When you look at available trades, you can choose the payment method you like best.

P2Peers.com charges a small fee for each trade. The fee depends on how much is being traded and what method of payment is being used. The fee is taken out of the money that is being moved, so you don't have to pay anything else.

How long it takes to finish a trade on P2Peers.com depends on a number of things, like the payment method used and how quickly the other person responds. Usually, trades are finished within a few hours, but in some cases, they can take longer.

If you have questions or problems with P2Peers.com, you can chat with customer service or send an email to [email protected]. Our support team is there for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you with any problems you may have.